never mind resizing problem...and first ActiveEssay!

Mark Guzdial guzdial at
Mon Jul 9 16:35:18 PDT 2001

I don't know what happened, but my Yellow Halo buttons work just fine 
now.  An intermittent problem, it seems.

I just published my first project and ran it with the plugin!  Check 
out if you're interested. 
(It's not a very sophisticated essay -- just a catalog of cool Squeak 
sound/music toys. )

Issues/questions that I now have (comments/advice/answers would be 
most welcome!):
- How does the plugin figure out the size in which to display the 
project?  My project is too big to fit comfortably in the browser 
window (e.g., the tab flap to escape the browser never appeared).  I 
scrolled down in the browser, but the bottom of the project never 
refreshed.  (I tried "restore display" but that caused a network 
access that never terminated.)

- Not all Squeak tools can be easily used inside a project.  The 
WaveEditor was the most interesting combination.  The wave is visible 
in the editor, but if you scroll the window, it's gone.  You can't 
Play the sound anymore, but the keyboard in the WaveEditor still 
works.  (Other tools like the MIDI Player worked fine in a project.)

- On the other hand, the fact that sound recording still works FROM 

- Should we be turning off global flaps before saving projects for 
use with the plugin?  I get key errors about that Preference every 
time I open the project and (it seems) every time I turn the page in 
the stack.

- I'm confused about publishing a project to disk versus publishing 
it to someplace like Bob's Super Swiki.  If I publish to the 
SuperSwiki, it goes up as a single file, yes?  If I publish to my 
disk, I get several files (i.e., a .pr file and a .gif file, in my 
case).  Is there someway to convert from the multi-file to 
single-file formats?  I want to serve from my Computer Music Swiki, 
but I don't think I can currently publish to an unmodified Comanche 
Swiki.  I'd like to publish to my disk, and then upload it...which is 
how I did the one that's there, but I uploaded each piece.  Will 
there be issues down the road where more than two files get generated?

Thanks for any feedback!
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