never mind resizing problem...and first ActiveEssay!

Michael Rueger m.rueger at
Mon Jul 9 14:50:17 PDT 2001

Mark Guzdial wrote:

> - How does the plugin figure out the size in which to display the
> project?  My project is too big to fit comfortably in the browser

Right now the plugin just uses the size it is given by the parameters in
the embed tag and these are statically assigned (literally one size fits

> window (e.g., the tab flap to escape the browser never appeared).  I
> scrolled down in the browser, but the bottom of the project never

This is a known issue with the current plugin. I have an updated version
pending to be published which will fix this problem (assuming you are on
a Mac).

> refreshed.  (I tried "restore display" but that caused a network
> access that never terminated.)
Hmm, can you reproduce this behavior and maybe provide a stack dump by
trying to interrupt the network access?

> - Should we be turning off global flaps before saving projects for
> use with the plugin?  I get key errors about that Preference every
> time I open the project and (it seems) every time I turn the page in
> the stack.
Yes, for now you should turn off the flaps before saving the project.

> single-file formats?  I want to serve from my Computer Music Swiki,
> but I don't think I can currently publish to an unmodified Comanche
> Swiki.  I'd like to publish to my disk, and then upload it...which is
> how I did the one that's there, but I uploaded each piece.  Will
> there be issues down the road where more than two files get generated?

Bob already answered part of your question so let me just add a comment
how to turn an ordinary web server into a super swiki:
the class HTTPServerDirectory support project servers that allow upload
vi ftp and download vi http. You can also upload the project file and
then add a link to a page using the squeakland project loader the way
Naala did.


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