Alan Kay Alan.Kay at disney.com
Wed May 2 15:12:06 PDT 2001


As all of you know, Squeakland.org is currently "under construction" 
and due to open "any week now". Our plans have been to have at least 
three sites, one for each of the authoring environments in Squeak 
that we've been working on. So:

   * Squeakland.org is primarily for children, parents and teachers 
who use "etoys"

   * SqueakOmni.org is for "Omniuser Squeakers" -- sort of from 
Hypercard to Lingo and beyond

   * Squeak.org is for "Expert Level" Squeakers -- the bolts, nuts and 
guts of the system

The middle site and the middle authoring environment are quite a few 
months away from birth.

The first goals for Squeakland.org are to make sure that the plugin 
can be downloaded and run everywhere with as little difficulties as 
possible. We enlist your aid to help do these tests.

The mailing list -- squeakland at squeakland.org -- is hoping to attract 
people who are interested in elementary education and play and how 
computing might enhance them. Specifically, we are looking for enough 
day to day users of the site to create a forum for our next stages, 
which include a sample curriculum, and the next round of etoys. It 
would be nice to generate about10-50 emails a day about these issues. 
We at SqC plan to develop a trial curriculum this summer with several 
teachers that we've been working with, and we will do most 
correspondance using squeakland at squeakland.org.

Though an important part of this mailing list is to get bug reports, 
we plan to copy all technical emails to the regular Squeak mailing 
list. Squeakers, please don't scare off the parents and teachers -- 
after the children, they are our main intended users.

We will send out quite a bit more information about how to use the 
site as it gets closer to completion. For now, please try downloading 
the plugins and then try navigating around, both at the top HTML 
level of the site, and the entirely within Squeak levels below.



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