Welcome to Squeakland

Rueger, Michael Michael.Rueger at disney.com
Wed May 2 19:41:29 PDT 2001

Hello.  You've received this email because you have expressed interest in
Squeak and have visited http://www.squeakland.org.  If you have not been
to the site recently, it's time to visit again!   

The Squeak "Plug-In" is ready for your download to the Mac OS or Windows
platform.   Please take the time to download Squeak and explore the
existing games and projects. Squeak and Squeakland are by no means
finished. We'd love  your comments and feedback.   Squeak is the
development of many people spread around the world,  all of whom have
something in common -- the desire to create dynamic media based on
compelling content.  Many of us are interested in creating this media to
amplify learning and to enable a deeper understanding of powerful ideas.

Squeak, Squeakland.org  and the Squeak community will evolve, grow and
improve.  Bear with us as we explore and enter into new domains of media,
and please join us in creating new models for learning and creativity.

Once you have installed Squeak on your computer, use the gold "navigator
bar" to "escape from browser" and free yourself of your internet broswer's
borders so  you can fully  immerse youself in a Squeak environment --
don't worry, you can return to your browser simply by clicking the button
labelled "browser entry" on the navigator bar.

We invite you to become part of our community and help us to understand
what it means to be an author of new media in the 21st century.   We
welcome your play, your participation, your comments and your creations.

Keep on Squeaking!

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