Introducing children and/or school to Squeak

James Howe jwh at
Wed May 9 12:17:40 PDT 2001

At 10:27 PM 5/8/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>     I am a teacher at a charter school and have been using Squeak in my
>classroom for 2 years.  I have tied my lessons into the standards and would
>be happy to share what I have done with my students.
>Open Charter School

I would be interested in anything you have to share about what you did with 
your students.  I'm particularly interested in how you got your students 
started using Squeak in the first place.  What sort of basics were needed 
to be taught before the students could start on projects?  I would also be 
interested in hearing about some of the projects you had your students work 
on.  I've seen a couple on Squeakland, but I would be interested in knowing 
about others.


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