A successful morning

Christopher Sawtell csawtell at paradise.net.nz
Sat Nov 17 21:51:30 PST 2001


  I am thrilled to be able to tell you all that I have just been invited to 
show off Squeak once a week until Christmas for most of a morning at 
Discovery 1 Primary School ( 5 to 12-13 year olds ) here in Christchurch, NZ. 
The results of our first day are on the server as DiscoveryOneCars or 
something to that effect. The School's lead teacher and I were both staggered 
to see the size of the group which had to be literally prized off the machine 
at the end of the session. There were about 6 to 8 of them - including two 
girls - all of whom were just fascinated. I have been promised more machines 
for next week, when we are going to enhance the project.

  Thus a few questions.
  1) I downloaded the browser plugin, but to my disappointment the iMac would 
only run either Squeak or IE, but not both together; so the question is; how 
much installed memory does one need in an iMac for the squeakland system to 
work properly?

  2) I have tried to run the project file created by the iMac at School on my 
Linux machine at home, but the Linux machine won't load the project file. It 
complains about the need for a translation method. Please, what do I do?
It is particularly important that the children are able to continue working 
on their projects at home using all manner of machines. Probably most will be 
MS Windows, but doubtless machines of all vintages. The iMac plugin was d/l 
two or three days ago and on the Linux squeak reports its version as:-

[chris at berty chris]$ squeak -version
i586-pc-linux-gnu 3.1a-4164 #1 XShm Fri Nov 16 23:20:26 NZDT 2001 gcc 2.96
Linux berty.localnet 2.4.8-26mdk #1 Sun Sep 23 17:06:39 CEST 2001 i586 unknown

  3) On the iMac display I noticed that the flap on the right hand side of 
the screen for the tools was not there. As time progresses I hope to be able 
to start having the children use the workspace and transcript in a simple way.
So the question is: How do I get the flaps? Do I have to d/l and install a 
full Squeak development system for the iMacs ?

That probably enough for now. Thanks a 10^6 in advance.

Sincerely etc.,

Christopher Sawtell

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