A couple of basic questions...

Leo Burd leoburd at media.mit.edu
Wed Nov 21 15:36:00 PST 2001

Hello everyone!

I'm starting to use Squeak at the Computer Clubhouse
(http://www.computerclubhouse.org/), a network of after school centers where
kids from 8-18 come to learn about technology, interact with other kids and
develop personally meaningful projects.

Would you please help me with the following questions?

* How would you present Squeak to teenagers?  How would you describe the tool?
Is it a programming environment, a multi-media tool, an operating system, a
make-your-own-game environment, or what?

* Do you have examples of activities that I could develop with teenagers?
Most of the examples that I've seen so far are either targeted to younger
kids, or are too centered around school curriculum.  I'm also trying to find
examples that make creative use of video and photographs.  At the Clubhouse,
kids play a lot with Director and Photoshop.

* Is there any way to cut, paste and move projects around?  I'd like to
reorganize my top project.  It's got too many subprojects within it!

* What is the difference between the 'pick up' and 'move' halos?

* Is there any simple way of image snapshots of different components of the
screen?  I may create some quick reference sheets for Clubhouse members.
Pictures of Squeak components would be great...

That's all for now.  Thank's a lot for your help!!



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