A couple of basic questions...

Leo Burd leoburd at media.mit.edu
Fri Nov 23 10:37:42 PST 2001

- Christopher, John, G.J, and Naala,  thank you very much for your insightful

I just wanted to make clear that I do not have anything against
school-centered projects, on the contrary!  In fact, I'd love to see more
projects that teachers could use with their kids, bringing more interesting
and active perspectives to what's usually learned in formal classes.  However,
for the Clubhouse, we're looking for projects that make more use of images
(mainly photographs), sound, video and text.  Things that help adolescents
represent and play with their own world.

Naala, what a great set of materials you're developing!  How old are the kids
you're working with?  What version of Squeak are you using?  The tabs you used
to store supplies in your tutorials seem to be different from the ones I have
on my system...  Another question for you:  how did you take pictures of the
different components of the system (the halos, tiles, ...)?

G.J., I agree 100% with you on that we need to start with meaningful themes.
Only then we will be able to decide which technologies are the most
appropriate to use...

All the best,


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