A little eToy challenge...

Leo Burd leoburd at media.mit.edu
Fri Nov 23 22:45:13 PST 2001


I'm trying to build a little eToy bird animation that starts flying from the
lower left corner of my screen and fades away in middle of the opposite side.
The animation is made of 3 alternating pictures, each one representing the
bird's wings in different positions (up, middle, low).  I want the bird's size
to be decreasing, as if the bird is moving towards the horizon.  I also want
the distance travelled in each flap of the wing to be proportional to the size
of the bird.  How would you do that?

I had problems with the following operations:

* I tried to make the bird fly towards a Sun that I have drawn at the right
side of the screen, but I couldn't make 'move toward' accept my Sun as an

* It seems to be impossible to make 'image forward by image's width / 2'.  In
fact, I couldn't make any attribute receive the result of mathematical
operations performed on eToy object attributes.

What would you recommend?



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