I don't know

Mark Guzdial guzdial at cc.gatech.edu
Mon Nov 26 11:41:06 PST 2001

I know from postings on the Squeak list that Ted's been working on 
using TrueType fonts in Squeak, which would allow for anysize text. 
Ted, what would you suggest for Leo's query?


>Hi Leo,
>I don't know how to do that without losing the quality of the 
>letters.  Anyone, is this possible?
>With my best,
>>From: "Leo Burd" <leoburd at media.mit.edu>
>>Reply-To: squeakland at squeakland.org
>>To: <squeakland at squeakland.org>
>>Subject: Re: Playing with text
>>Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 07:39:58 -0500
>>- Thanks, Naala, but what if I want much larger font sizes (for instance: 30,
>>44, ...)?
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