Questions on E-Toy Scripting of Alice (3-D)

Mark Guzdial guzdial at
Fri Sep 7 16:14:28 PDT 2001

> > - I was trying to figure out how to make one object respond to
> > another one being close.  I wanted to make a sound occur when the
> > WhiteRabbit got close to the banana in my world.  I found that I
> > could create a tile phrase WhiteRabbit distanceTo: banana, but this
> > returned a number.  I couldn't figure out how to set up a test with
> > this, e.g., when the distance to the banana is less than 0.5 meter.
>You need to get a "Test" tile out of the scriptor. Then you can construct
>your test as follows:
>	Test (WhiteRabbit distanceTo: banana) < 0.5
>		Yes "Do something"
>		No "Do something else"

I got the Test tile, but I couldn't figure out how to get the "<". 
Where do I get one of those in the tiling world?

Thanks, Michael!


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