[EDUCATION] Porting new wine into old bottles

Edwin Pilobello edwinp13 at home.com
Sun Sep 9 01:03:48 PDT 2001

IT WORKS!  Thanks for manually subscribing me to this list, Michael!

Now I can add an after thought.

I would rather use SQUEAK than MicroWorlds because it is FREE and can do

Schools and parents love FREE.  Students, on the other hand, have a
different opinion because SQUEAK will not FREE them from homework.  The old
excuse of Mac in School versus PC at home, doesn't work with SQUEAK nor

IMO, this is a powerful paradign.  In one pass, we could eliminate the two
largest edu-tech stumbling blocks...licensing cost and cross platform

I'm just hoping that there's enough memory in those PowerMac 7200's to run
the plug-in.

I am excited!

:-)  Edwin Pilobello
Instructor, Saturday Academy

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Now that I'm supposed to be subscribed to this listserv, I'll continue this
thread here.


Of course you're absolutely right, Alan.  It is all about kids!  And I am
all for them.

Anywaym, I've made some inquiries with Logo Computing Systems Inc and the
possibility of acquiring a site license for an earlier version on
MicroWorlds.  But first, I need to inventory what is already there.  If the
PowerMacs can be maintained,  I'm quite certain that with trained teachers,
even Apple Basic could do the kids a lot of good.

If I can install SQUEAK then at least we can say that we have something

:-)  edwin

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Edwin --

Well, it's always more about the kids than about Squeak. A great
system (in the hands of the right teachers) for this level machine is
LOGO Microworlds.

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