Funnest Homework Turnins Ever

Mark Guzdial guzdial at
Thu Sep 13 14:41:51 PDT 2001

I've discovered a great new use for the Squeak plugin: As a way for 
students to hand-in work.  My computer music class is turning in 
their work as plugins (for those who've figured it out so-far).  It's 
such a fun way to grade -- the work is there, with their 
presentation, in my browser.

For some of them, there's just something to click to get started. 
For others, you have to select the code and Do It.  I particularly 
recommend Justin's, Graham's (he's a brand new Squeaker that I let in 
without the pre-req, and you can see that he's getting into it), 
Marc's, Janet's, and Ben's.

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