Funnest Homework Turnins Ever

Kim Rose Kim.Rose at
Thu Sep 13 12:13:10 PDT 2001

This is great, Mark!!!  Thanks for sharing.

At 1:41 PM -0400 9/13/01, Mark Guzdial wrote:
>I've discovered a great new use for the Squeak plugin: As a way for 
>students to hand-in work.  My computer music class is turning in 
>their work as plugins (for those who've figured it out so-far). 
>It's such a fun way to grade -- the work is there, with their 
>presentation, in my browser.
>For some of them, there's just something to click to get started. 
>For others, you have to select the code and Do It.  I particularly 
>recommend Justin's, Graham's (he's a brand new Squeaker that I let 
>in without the pre-req, and you can see that he's getting into it), 
>Marc's, Janet's, and Ben's.
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