My Problem

Kim Rose Kim.Rose at
Fri Dec 13 08:19:46 PST 2002

Hi, BJ and others who might be encountering previously saved projects 
that "reload" with a "black box" or color changes:

Unforntunately, projects saved *before* loading the "fix"/update will 
not be repaired.   I suspect, BJ, that a child loaded an older 
project into Squeak, but  perhaps, not.  It would be important to 
check the date on the project that exhbits the problem.  If it is 
something that was created/saved and reloaded in just the past week, 
then if  you would email us one of these projects that exhibits this 
problem, we can examine it closely to determine what is happening.

t 9:05 PM -0500 12/12/02, Origbj at wrote:
>      I have downloaded all of the updates and my kids are still 
>having the same problem as Adrian.  I don't think that the problem 
>is fixed yet.  Can you look into this?/
>  Hope all is well with you.  Hope to see you soon


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