My Problem

John Steinmetz johns at
Thu Dec 12 20:33:03 PST 2002

Dear BJ,

How are you? How are your kids doing? I expect your house is 
transformed once again. I just bought a few storage boxes today, but 
I know I must be a lightweight in terms of number of storage boxes 

I have been working hard (for me, anyway) on a new composition, a 
concerto for bassoon and orchestra, that will premiere in May here in 
L.A., with a friend playing the solo bassoon and another friend 
conducting the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.  A week later Eric 
Stumacher will premiere it in Keene, New Hampshire!  It's the biggest 
project I have attempted so far.

Meanwhile, Eva is applying for high schools--she wants to go to a 
girls' school, a good idea, I think. Leo is in 1st grade. Both are 
doing music. Eva played volleyball and now basketball. Kazi's garden 
and orchard are growing up nicely. Life is good, if complicated.

Happy holidays!


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