[Squeakland] Logo vs. Squeak

diegogomezdeck at consultar.com diegogomezdeck at consultar.com
Fri Aug 8 08:01:47 PDT 2003

Hi guys...

Preparing the content in Spanish for Small-Land I found one question I'm
not able to respond.

   "Why use Squeak instead of Logo?"

I know almost nothing about Logo, but from my (limited) point of view I
think the key difference is the Object Orientation.

The Object paradigm is, imho, a better way to describe the reality than
the "Structured way" used by Logo.  Also I can find some roots in
some "knowledge representation" theories (the pair object-subject).

The "dark" point with my thought is I'm not able to see if this argument is
valid for teachers/educators.

I'd like to hear your opinions.

Diego Gomez Deck

PS: Anyone knows the Papert's feeling about Squeak? I guess it's good
(based on the Squeaker movie :))

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