[Squeakland] Logo vs. Squeak

Kim Rose Kim.Rose at viewpointsresearch.org
Fri Aug 8 08:27:45 PDT 2003

Hello Marsha and other newcomers -

[Some} help is on the way!  BJ Conn and I have written a "Etoy 
Project Book" which will be available via the Squeakland website 
after August 20th.  This book is intended to serve as an introduction 
to familiarize with "Etoy basics" and getting started and offers 12 
on computer activities as well as off computer "excurions" intended 
to enhance and amplify the on computer projects.

We hope this will help and be a *start* to a larger body of materials 
created by us, and others to offer examples,and ideas for great 
projects that can be made within Squeak.   There are others in the 
community working on other forms of documentation and examples.

thanks for being "brave" and exploring!

At 9:04 AM -0500 8/8/03, <diegogomezdeck at consultar.com> wrote:
>Sounds really great!
>About your statement: "I really feel in over my head with Squeak because
>there's just not much documentation...."
>In Small-Land we're working hard to create documentation.  If you can read
>Spanish visit our Swiki (http://swiki.agro.uba.ar/small_land).  The
>documentation is NOT finished, but we have produced a lot in a short period.
>>  I am determined to figure this out.  I'm new to both Logo and Squeak
>>  and thought I'd be a perfect guinea pig to start out with both.  Almost
>>  an action research project with 2 of my sections of 7th graders this
>>  year. I really feel in over my head with Squeak because there's just
>>  not much documentation....but if you really think about it, kids never
>>  read documentation.  It's only us old foggies that need the
>>  documentation!!!!!
>>  I'm scared to step off the dock and plunge in.  But what the heck.  It
>>  can't be a bad thing even if we can't do anything.  It's the process I
>>  keep telling myself and enjoying the journey.  I'm definitely going to
>>  include a reflective element in this grand experiment, though.  I'm
>>  setting up blogs for all my kids to talk about what they're
>>  experiencing, their frustrations, their victories and hopefully adding
>>  in that critique piece unique to the blogging world.  It should also
>>  help me collect valuable student work/thinking as evidence to examine
>>  for if it's worth it or not.
>>  marsha
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>>  Hi guys...
>>  Preparing the content in Spanish for Small-Land I found one question
>>  I'm not able to respond.
>>    "Why use Squeak instead of Logo?"
>>  I know almost nothing about Logo, but from my (limited) point of view I
>>  think the key difference is the Object Orientation.
>  >
>  > The Object paradigm is, imho, a better way to describe the reality than
>  > the "Structured way" used by Logo.  Also I can find some roots in some
>  > "knowledge representation" theories (the pair object-subject).
>>  The "dark" point with my thought is I'm not able to see if this
>>  argument is valid for teachers/educators.
>>  I'd like to hear your opinions.
>>  Diego Gomez Deck
>>  http://www.small-land.org
>>  PS: Anyone knows the Papert's feeling about Squeak? I guess it's good
>>  (based on the Squeaker movie :))
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