[Squeakland] Logo vs. Squeak

tblanchard at mac.com tblanchard at mac.com
Mon Aug 11 21:39:53 PDT 2003

On Saturday, August 9, 2003, at 11:55  AM, Andreas Raab wrote:

> This issue of scalability has (as far as I can tell) never been 
> addressed in
> any kind of authoring/scripting environment. You live either on one 
> side of
> the fence or on the other and depending on which side you choose you 
> can do
> certain things and not others.

Actually, HyperCard (which I loved and in which I used to live most of 
my life) had a concept of UserLevels.  You didn't actually need to 
write code until you got to the last level.  You could do quite a lot 
without it and it turned a lot of non-developers into stack heads as 
they kept bumping up the level so they could make it that "little bit 
more cool".

Browsing or Level 1
   Open, close, and browse stacks, search for text, click buttons, move
   between stacks, print, and save copies of stacks.

   Typing or Level 2
   Type, edit, style text, add and delete cards, compact stacks, set
   Arrow Keys in Text option.

   Painting or Level 3
   Create and edit graphics with the paint tools, set stack protection,
   edit icons, delete stacks, move between background and card layers,
   use the Power Keys.

   Authoring or Level 4
   Create, modify, and delete buttons, links, fields,
   cards, backgrounds, and stacks.

   Scripting or Level 5
   Write, edit, and debug scripts, set the Blind Typing option.

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