[Squeakland] Don't forget about Boxer

Mankovsky, Sheine sheine.mankovsky2 at tdsb.on.ca
Tue Aug 12 19:10:08 PDT 2003

I've been following this discussion.  My question is:  will kids learn
better as a result?  

For me, Squeak remains a research system that serves several purposes.  And,
as I've said before, the present is a place holder for the future.  So, as
Alan has said (or something like) challenge yourself to do the work to make
the future that you imagine, happen.

It's rather academic to me whether Logo is better or worse than Squeak.
I've already admitted to being a profound tech illiterata.  What I'm
interested in, is the creation of rich opportunities for substantive
learning that can be provided for kids--and adults.

Keep workin' on all of 'em because I get my kicks out of getting them into
places where kids can actually use them.  

If I had to comment on one feature of Squeak that is comprehensible to me it
would be that Squeak is open source.  You can help yourself to as much as
you like and no one will accuse you of greed.  However, you are obligated to
contribute to others when you create something worthwhile.  So, create
something worthwhile, and make your contribution.

And speaking of good books, I checked my local library on-line catalogue to
see whether the catalogue is as interesting as Amazon.com.  You're right
again, Alan.  Searching titles on Amazon.com is much deeper, a lot more
interesting--and colourful.  I quite enjoyed considering the choices with a
different perspective since you offered your comments a while ago.

I suppose one sometimes mistakes a value for just plain prejudice.  


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> As long as we are being ecumenical, don't forget about Andy diSessa 
> and his (and earlier Hal Abelson's) Boxer work that has been going on 
> for many years at Berkeley. A recent deep book about this is:
> http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0262041804/qid=1060452055/sr
> =1-1/ref=sr_1_1/102-0148370-7612902?v=glance&s=books
> There are many great ideas and valuable insights here.
> Cheers,
> Alan
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