[Squeakland] Book and DVD

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at squeakland.org
Thu Aug 14 10:21:15 PDT 2003

Hi Jimmie --

Kim's and BJ's book is on schedule and is being printed as we write. 
It is supposed to be available on Aug 20th.




At 11:05 AM -0500 8/14/03, Jimmie Houchin wrote:
>I was looking at placing an order for the Squeakers DVD.
>While browsing the site I see that the book
>  "Powerful Ideas in the Classroom - Using Squeak to Enhance Math and 
>Science Learning"
>by BJ Allen-Conn and Kim Rose with Afterword by Alan Kay
>is supposed to be released in August 2003.
>Is it on schedule? If it will be soon I'll wait on the DVD and order 
>both at the same time.
>If not I'll go ahead and get the DVD.
>Jimmie Houchin
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