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Alan Kay Alan.Kay at squeakland.org
Thu Aug 14 10:25:00 PDT 2003

Hi Jimmie --

I think homeschooling is generally a very good idea -- and we have in 
our plans to try to do quite a bit more to help homeschoolers over 
the next several years.

I think any parent and/or teacher should be able to start from 
scratch with this book -- that is the intent. All the projects can be 
done by a single student.

One of the things you might consider as part of homeschooling is to 
set up community clubs in certain areas (like science) where a number 
of children can learn and do projects together.




At 11:09 AM -0500 8/14/03, Jimmie Houchin wrote:
>My wife and I homeschool our children.
>How appropriate or good would the book
>"Powerful Ideas in the Classroom - Using Squeak to Enhance Math and 
>Science Learning" by BJ Allen-Conn and Kim Rose with Afterword by 
>Alan Kay
>be for homeschoolers?
>What kind of knowledge or expections are made of the teacher?
>Is it appropriate for single students or does it desire a class?
>Any information regarding the book and homeschooling greatly appreciated.
>Jimmie Houchin
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