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Jimmie Houchin jhouchin at texoma.net
Thu Aug 14 12:35:56 PDT 2003

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the reply.

Most homeschoolers can easily adapt materials as necessary. The only 
problem would be if it required interaction between a number of students.

I look forward to getting a copy soon.


Jimmie Houchin

Kim Rose wrote:
> Hi, again, Jimmie -
> We believe the book *will* be of value to homeschoolers such as you and 
> your family!  We are aware of the need for materials for homeschoolers 
> that can offer "good practices" of integrating the use of computers into 
> learning activities.
> The book is intended to serve as an introduction to the Etoy component 
> (tile interface) of Squeak and it includes 12 "on-computer" projects and 
> several off-computer "excursions" that build upon each other in a 
> sequence.  We show connections to the math or science concepts the 
> projects are teaching/using. We assume the audience/reader to be a 
> newcomer to Squeak/Etoys.
> The book/projects do not necessarily desire or require a classroom 
> (althogh we have titled it "...in the classroom").  The projects can be 
> completed by a single learner or a small group.
> We hope it will serve to introduce you to what might be possible within 
> this learning environment and be a launching pad for you to create 
> additional projects of your own.
> cheers,
> Kim
> At 11:09 AM -0500 8/14/03, Jimmie Houchin wrote:
>> My wife and I homeschool our children.
>> How appropriate or good would the book
>> "Powerful Ideas in the Classroom - Using Squeak to Enhance Math and 
>> Science Learning" by BJ Allen-Conn and Kim Rose with Afterword by Alan 
>> Kay
>> be for homeschoolers?
>> What kind of knowledge or expections are made of the teacher?
>> Is it appropriate for single students or does it desire a class?
>> Any information regarding the book and homeschooling greatly appreciated.
>> Jimmie Houchin
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