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Alan Kay Alan.Kay at squeakland.org
Sat Aug 16 08:21:30 PDT 2003

Thanks Ken --

For those who are interested, you could try to see what you can do 
with the very easy two line script that will sample in real-time at 
any pitch. You can also try to use "color sees" and other devices to 
get parameters from the world that can be used to control sound. 
Squeak itself can synth about 100 parallel real-time stereo tracks, 
and there are synth methods in there for sampling, FM, wave shaping, 
etc. There is the ScorePlayerMorph which can play midi files and 
allows you to both orchestrate and to compose, etc.

This is a big interest of ours, but we didn't quite get the music 
part of Squeak up to being smooth enough and documented enough for 
general consumption and play. However, I've done lots of music stuff 
in demos, and lots can be done. One example that was particularly 
interesting was to play Beethoven's Fifth with normal instrumentation 
and then replace all the instruments with the clink sound (that has 
just enough pitch to work). The result is mostly the rhythmic part of 
this great piece and many nontrained musicians have found it 
particularly insightful as to how Beethoven goes about his art.



At 8:18 AM +0100 8/16/03, Ken Kahn wrote:
>A nice example of a tool for "painting" music is SimTunes published by Maxis
>in 1996. You program lots of bugs that make music as they move and interact.
>Originally a hit in Japan and the folks at Maxis really liked this program.
>Don't think it sold too well though.
>-ken kahn
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