[Squeakland] Documentation soon to be available for public comment

John Voiklis voiklis at redfigure.org
Mon Aug 18 14:36:16 PDT 2003

As some of you know, I have been working on documentation Squeak/EToys:
reference manual and tutorials. I have been collecting and rewriting
existing docs as well as writing original material; given family and work
commitments, this summer's output has been less than I anticipated, and what
exists is not ready for public consumption. Nevertheless, over the next two
weeks I will begin posting documentation material for public comment.

What is the difference between public comment and public consumption? The
materials are incomplete and exist only as unformatted text with no graphics
(only text comments to mark where graphics are needed). I put them out in an
effort to see if the language is clear and if the content is headed in the
right direction. I also put them out because I believe that the authoring
process needs to be a conversation: I need to know what users need to know.
Finally, I need the help of the community, not as authors, but as archivists
and resources: I hope long time Squeakers will help to point out existing
material and explain the uses and use of various tools; I hope new Squeakers
will point out what needs clarification. Docs for public consumption must be
complete, well formatted, and easily accessible from within Squeak (and the
Squeakland site).

With your help that day will come sooner rather than later.

The public comment site (a Swiki) can be found here:


While a Swiki is always a work in progress, please give me a couple of weeks
to finish constructing it.



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