[Squeakland] A somewhat silly suggestion for Andreas

John Voiklis voiklis at redfigure.org
Mon Aug 18 14:36:23 PDT 2003

This came to me during mile five (the idea mile) of a recent long jog; so,
take it with a grain of salt.

Given that objects in Tweak will be neither Morphs nor traditional objects,
I wonder if Andreas would consider calling a Tweak object a "Pragma" (a
thing, for the Greekless); that way the computer scientists, educators, and
epistemologists among us could develop a theory of "Pragmatic Programming,"
while avoiding confusion with the various kinds of object-orientedness found
in Smalltalk and other languages.

I have not fully thought this out yet, but the idea struck me as fertile
enough to risk embarrassing myself by making it public.



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