[Squeakland] A somewhat silly suggestion for Andreas

John Voiklis voiklis at redfigure.org
Tue Aug 19 13:16:03 PDT 2003

> Why not call a Tweak object an "Idea"? This would be even more Greek,
> and more appropriate.

I like it; I'll try a seven mile run and mull it over. In the end though it isn't my call; still, whatever it is, I would love to help in developing the theory and practice. 

> Could we call it Idealistic Programming? 

On the one hand, I like the half-kidding optimism, one the other such a term has a progandistic tinge. Maybe one could start with the spirit of Alan's term, Idea Processing, and come up with a clever yet self-evidently appropriate turn of phrase.

Again, it is not up to me, but I look forward to the intellectual work to come.



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