[Squeakland] Tutorials not working quite right

Kim Rose Kim.Rose at viewpointsresearch.org
Wed Aug 20 10:24:13 PDT 2003

Hi, Greg -
Sorry to learn about your hassles....
As far as known problems with IE6 on Win XP I leave that to our 
expert, Mike, to address....and will ask him to respond to you.
As far as your trouble with the Paint tutorial -- that Tutorial was 
written at a time when the Etoy interface was a bit different and 
that 'onion skin' only covered the painting *area* leaving the 
remainder of the world/screen uncovered.  We are updating/improving 
that tutorial RIGHT NOW and plan to have a better version there for 
use very shortly.
When you finish a tutorial, the best thing is to "return to the 
browser" and then use your browser's back button to navigate within 
the Squeakland site to either do another tutorial or play, explore 
other areas.
Thanks for your willingness, and patience as we grow and improve!

At 1:16 PM -0500 8/19/03, Greg Brunet wrote:
>I recently found the Squeakland site and thought it would be neat to let
>my kids try it out.  Unfortunately, when I went into the tutorials, I
>ran into problems on the background and the first (painting) tutorial.
>I'm wondering if there is a known problem running the Squeak plug-in on
>IE6 on Win XP (though the problem still exists after I escape the browser),
>or perhaps the tutorials aren't quite ready.
>In the case of the background, the right edge of the text is cut off
>(I'd guess about 3-5 characters worth) making it hard to read the
>article.  Also, if I left click on the text, then use the mouse scroll
>wheel (expecting to scroll down in the text), the pictures jump from the
>right to the left side, covering the text.  I can't figure out how to move
>them back off the text.
>In the case of the painting etoy, after escaping the browser and
>clicking on the paintbrush icon as directed on page 1, a transparent
>skin covers the entire screen, not just the working area.  If I try to
>click on the 'page' buttons, I end up painting on them instead.  I can
>only get rid of the skin by choosing 'keep' or 'toss' on the palette.  I
>can't follow the rest of the tutorial,  because the paint operation isn't
>staying within the workarea.  Is there a way to fix these problems? 
>Finally, it's not clear what to do after reaching the end of a tutorial
>lesson.  The 'prev/next' buttons on the navigator tab don't seem to do
>anything, so I was left with selecting 'quit' which took me back to my
>browser with a blank screen and a message "Squeak Plugin <inactive>". 
>Is there a way to navigate to the next tutorial or at least back to the
>Squeakland mailing list
>Squeakland at squeakland.org


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