[Squeakland] A somewhat silly suggestion for Andreas

John Voiklis voiklis at redfigure.org
Wed Aug 20 13:27:55 PDT 2003

The run yielded nothing; oh well.

I only brought the whole thing up because, from what I have heard of Tweak,
it is a new way of doing things. I feel we need a new vocabulary to make
sure it is recognized as such; otherwise we may find that we spend most of
our time explaining how and why this differs from other object-oriented
and/or prototype languages.

Anyway, I am being too serious, all of the sudden. I simply wanted to throw
an idea into the mix; in the same way that you, Andreas, have said that the
syntax of a programming environment is part of its UI, I believe the words
we use to describe the environment inevitably shape the environment and how
we work there.

Again, I need to lighten up. It's best I get back to the docs that I
promised to post.


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Hi John and all,

Thanks for all these ideas. I guess with the "pragma" idea then Tweak should
be called the "Pragmatist" with the "idea" the "Idealist" (or are those the
users of the system??? hm... ;-)

Well, I guess I'll wait until you're back from the seven mile run and see
what your feelings are then ;-)

  - Andreas

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> > Why not call a Tweak object an "Idea"? This would be even
> more Greek,
> > and more appropriate.
> I like it; I'll try a seven mile run and mull it over. In the
> end though it isn't my call; still, whatever it is, I would
> love to help in developing the theory and practice.
> > Could we call it Idealistic Programming?
> On the one hand, I like the half-kidding optimism, one the
> other such a term has a progandistic tinge. Maybe one could
> start with the spirit of Alan's term, Idea Processing, and
> come up with a clever yet self-evidently appropriate turn of phrase.
> Again, it is not up to me, but I look forward to the
> intellectual work to come.
> Best,
> J
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