[Squeakland] A somewhat silly suggestion for Andreas

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Wed Aug 20 10:41:31 PDT 2003

John --

Actually, our main partners are children, teachers, and parents, and 
none of them will be interested in knowing how Tweak differs or is 
similar to other object systems. They just want to do stuff, and we 
need to show them and help them. Computer jocks can ask questions 
about the model on the Squeak list.

This is why my answer was facetious .....




At 12:27 PM -0400 8/20/03, John Voiklis wrote:
>The run yielded nothing; oh well.
>I only brought the whole thing up because, from what I have heard of Tweak,
>it is a new way of doing things. I feel we need a new vocabulary to make
>sure it is recognized as such; otherwise we may find that we spend most of
>our time explaining how and why this differs from other object-oriented
>and/or prototype languages.
>Anyway, I am being too serious, all of the sudden. I simply wanted to throw
>an idea into the mix; in the same way that you, Andreas, have said that the
>syntax of a programming environment is part of its UI, I believe the words
>we use to describe the environment inevitably shape the environment and how
>we work there.
>Again, I need to lighten up. It's best I get back to the docs that I
>promised to post.
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>Hi John and all,
>Thanks for all these ideas. I guess with the "pragma" idea then Tweak should
>be called the "Pragmatist" with the "idea" the "Idealist" (or are those the
>users of the system??? hm... ;-)
>Well, I guess I'll wait until you're back from the seven mile run and see
>what your feelings are then ;-)
>   - Andreas
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>>  > Why not call a Tweak object an "Idea"? This would be even
>>  more Greek,
>>  > and more appropriate.
>>  I like it; I'll try a seven mile run and mull it over. In the
>>  end though it isn't my call; still, whatever it is, I would
>>  love to help in developing the theory and practice.
>>  > Could we call it Idealistic Programming?
>>  On the one hand, I like the half-kidding optimism, one the
>>  other such a term has a progandistic tinge. Maybe one could
>>  start with the spirit of Alan's term, Idea Processing, and
>>  come up with a clever yet self-evidently appropriate turn of phrase.
>>  Again, it is not up to me, but I look forward to the
>>  intellectual work to come.
>>  Best,
>>  J
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