[Squeakland] Re: Too much spam!

Greg Brunet gbrunet at sempersoft.com
Wed Aug 20 13:46:09 PDT 2003

I apologize for this posting - my ISP changed mail servers in the last
couple of days, and it seems that the new server uses auto-responders
differently than the old one.  Hopefully the list acknowledgement of
receiving a message won't cause another auto-response.  If so, I'll have
to figure out some other way to post.  Thanks,


"Greg Brunet" <gbrunet at sempersoft.com> wrote in
message news:10308191117.AA03600 at sempersoft.com...
> Too much spam!
> I've had to change my email address.  All messages sent to this email
address are being deleted - so, no - I won't have seen the message you
just sent.  I hope you saved a copy! ;)  To get my new email address, go
to www.sempersoft.com/filter.aspx and fill out the form.  If it's not
spam, I'll send you my new email address.  Sorry for the inconvenience,
> -- Greg Brunet

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