[Squeakland] Re: Tutorials not working quite right

Greg Brunet gbrunet at sempersoft.com
Wed Aug 20 14:33:08 PDT 2003

"Kim Rose" <Kim.Rose at viewpointsresearch.org>
wrote in message news:a05100314bb694f5f325c@[]...
> Hi, Greg -
> Sorry to learn about your hassles....
> As far as known problems with IE6 on Win XP I leave that to our
> expert, Mike, to address....and will ask him to respond to you.
> As far as your trouble with the Paint tutorial -- that Tutorial was
> written at a time when the Etoy interface was a bit different and
> that 'onion skin' only covered the painting *area* leaving the
> remainder of the world/screen uncovered.  We are updating/improving
> that tutorial RIGHT NOW and plan to have a better version there for
> use very shortly.
> When you finish a tutorial, the best thing is to "return to the
> browser" and then use your browser's back button to navigate within
> the Squeakland site to either do another tutorial or play, explore
> other areas.
> Thanks for your willingness, and patience as we grow and improve!
> cheers,
> Kim

Hi Kim:

Well, from your descriptions, it sounds like the issues are not IE6
related.  The changes in the onion-skin behavior were the cause of my
main initial problems.  I worked around it - but it's probably a
show-stopper for someone trying to follow the instructions as written.
I can see that your steps for moving to the next tutorial would provide
the proper navigation.  It would probably be good to have those specific
instructions in the first tutorial (and at the bottom of the background)
as well.

Based on these differences, I expect that it's likely that the problems
I have with the background page might also be due to changes in the EToy
interface.  I know what it's like to make improvements on a system -
unfortunately, without an occasional test/check the tutorials can get
out of sync.  Good luck on your efforts to get things updated.
Squeakland & etoys look like an awesome site & tool.  Best wishes,


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