[Squeakland] Re: Tutorials not working quite right

Greg Brunet gbrunet at sempersoft.com
Wed Aug 20 22:31:24 PDT 2003

I just got an e-mail from Miguel Perez letting me know that the paint
tutorial has been updated.  I went & checked it out and the new
placement of the instructions works great - it no longer gets covered by
the onionskin.  Great job guys!  A couple of other notes:

- The paint toolbox still does some funky things at times.  For example,
if you accidentally (or on purpose) grab it & move it, but let go before
leaving the blue tab section, the bottom part of the toolbox disappears
(you can't seem to get it back (even selecting .  If you keep dragging
it below the tab section, once the cursor gets past (below) it, the tab
'rolls up'.  Clicking on the tab covers up any part of the toolbox still
in that section.

- It would be good to add instructions on how to get to the next
tutorial.  The current instructions on the 'end' page refers to the
arrows at the bottom of the page to move ahead to the second part, but
that doesn't work.

- On the Background page, the text still gets chopped of on the right

Take care,


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