[Squeakland] [ANN] Advent Calendar

Markus Gaelli gaelli at emergent.de
Mon Dec 1 17:55:23 PST 2003

Hi folks,

I assembled a little advent calendar in Squeak.
You can download the 80 MBs (!) (movies included) from:


Thanks to Marcus Denker for providing this space.

Some "doors" are in German, but most should be understandable

Besides being an advent calender there is, like in most advent 
calendars btw.,
no Christian connotation.
Maybe we can do a calendar for the whole year and use Seaside or 
365 subscribers fills one door and off we go?

I think the calendar metaphor can work as a nice marketing vehicle for 

This one is old (based on 2.8) and exporting the projects gave some
problems so I just polished the whole thing a bit for a release.

Have fun and please tell me about any problems,


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