[Squeakland] Squeak For a First Grader?

Dave Lowry dave_and_laura_lowry at mac.com
Mon Dec 8 20:33:08 PST 2003

Thanks to everyone who replied.  What a neat bunch of people here!

Alan, we browsed the Exploratorium's illusions site and had lots of 
fun.  I'd be very interested in dynamic Squeak illusions.

Kim, the aquarium idea sounds great.  I purchased your book and am 
building my scripting skills.

William, thanks, I forgot the games!

Anonymous (forgot, sorry), we are having lots of fun just painting.

Despite being trained in Smalltalk by Tektronix in the late 80s, and 
dabbling on and off since, I didn't "get it" until I watched the 
Squeakers film.  Thanks to everyone involved for having the vision and 
persistence (persistence of vision?) for pulling all this off.


On Nov 8, 2003, at 8:47 PM, Dave Lowry wrote:

> I'd like to introduce Squeak to my six-year-old.  She reads very well 
> and enjoys mathematics games.  We tried the "drive the car" activity, 
> but the allure of controlling the car wasn't there; it was just as 
> much fun to just use the paint tool.  Could anyone suggest another 
> activity we might try?  Is six too young to Squeak?  Thanks.
> -Dave
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