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Hello, Stephen -

Welcome to "Squeakland" -- and thanks for your queries.

To date, as far as I know, there have been no formal research papers 
or studies made on the affect(s) on student learning using 
Squeak/Etoy. I have been working with a variety of schools over the 
last few years observing and helping and developing Squeak-based 
curriculum where students might create Etoys to deepen their 
understanding of a complex concept or problem.

BJ Conn, a 4th/5th grade teacher in Los Angeles, and I are just 
finishing up a "project book for teachers" which will contain 12 Etoy 
projects that build upon each other and explore ideas in math and 
science. This book however will serve more for documentation and 
content purposes more than addressing specifically how the student 
creation of Etoy projects and models affect their learning and 
understanding of these concepts and ideas.

The use of Etoys in classrooms, community centers and at home is 
still in the early stage. Our community continues to grow and develop 
both the tools and contexts in which to use the tools.  We invite you 
to join us as we all continue to learn more.

At 11:15 AM -0500 6/4/03, Stephen Bunker wrote:
>I'm interested in writing a paper on SQUEAK and it's uses in the 
>elementary school setting. Have any research papers/studies been 
>conducted on how squeak affects elementary school student learning? 
>My initial literature review hasn't turned up anything. Any help 
>would be appreciated.
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