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Siz shizuku110 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 4 21:16:54 PDT 2003

Hi Squeakers.

First, let me introduce myself.
My name is Tomoko Miura, a UCSD junior, currently taking Computing in
Teaching course. We are looking closely into Squeak this quarter.

Currently, I am working on a city project which deals with handling signals
at different intersections. Thus far, I've faced several problems, and I'd
greatly appreciated if I can get some advice from you, the Squeak experts.
(*please see the attachment if necessary)

1. test collisions
    right now, I have "color see" test script in my project but have tried
    "touchesA" and "Overlap" as well. In all cases, didn't work.
    (for the last 2, it won't work since ladybug siblings are not "look a

    --> Is there any other ways to test collisions?
    --> test scripts (especially touchesA/Overlap) slows down the motion of
        ladybugs even though I change the ticking rate. Why is that and is
        any ways to prevent it?
    --> Is there an efficient way to stop registering multiple collisions
        "touchesA" or "Overlaps" when having considerably large images?

2. Making a turn
    --> at turns, I'd like ladybugs to make a smooth turn rather than a
quick 90
     degrees turn. How can it be done? Any suggestions?

Ultimate goal of this project is allowing users to assign landmarks to each
ladybug and see how well they find ways to reach each goal.
(also the collisions will be counted)
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. =D

Tomoko Miura

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