[Squeakland] flaps in the scripting presenter

John Voiklis voiklis at redfigure.org
Thu Jun 26 11:08:43 PDT 2003

Ned's idea worked great; I can't believe I went to the workspace before
simply going to the handles...

> However, if you want them to actually work correctly, this change set
> will help...

...Doh, he was right that some flaps misbehave. Actually, the Viewer flaps
are the ones misbehaving (clicking the top "O" removes the tiles but not the
flap) and not the duplicated flaps.

> It's worthwhile to contemplate how this might be done. And it would
> make a nice piece of documentation of one kind of media construction.
> Cheers,
> Alan

Given that the question came up while I was working on a media tutorial and
given that I think tutorials should exemplify rather than modify the
system*, I whole-heartedly agree.

*(they can teach how but not actually do so)

Thanks all,


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