[Squeakland] Launching squeak

Stephen Bunker srbunker at bsu.edu
Thu Jun 26 15:28:44 PDT 2003

I'm using Mac OS X (ver. 10.2.6) on an iBook and running/emulating 
System 9 in the background. When I double click the "Squeak3.4.image" 
icon I get the following in a system 9 dialogue window:

"Disk copy will not run on this kind of Macintosh since certain 
required support is not provided"

Apparently it is trying to launch my system 9 copy of Disk Copy.

When I double click the "Squeak 3.4.0Beta2" icon I get a system X 
"Open" window that asks me to find the document that should be 
opened. Both the image and the VM are in the same folder/directory.

Thanks for your help


>What happens when you just double click the image icon? This should 
>work just like any other Mac app (where the image plays the role of 
>the "document").
>At 11:26 AM -0500 6/26/03, Stephen Bunker wrote:
>>I'm looking for a simpler way of launching Squeak. Presently I'm 
>>dragging the the icon for the squeak image (Squeak3.4.image) to the 
>>Squeak Virtual Machine icon (Squeak 3.4.0Beta2).
>>I'm using a Mac so if I wish I could write an AppleScript app to do 
>>it but I'm wondering if there is an easier way. Yes, I have tried 
>>to double click both icons listed above and it is more work than 
>>dragging and dropping.
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