[Squeakland] Falling dominos

Markus Gaelli gaelli at emergent.de
Thu Jun 26 21:22:30 PDT 2003


I did a little project that I want to share with you.
It is about falling dominos, which trigger other
dominos to fall...you know the story.


Including the setup, it's only 16 lines of EToy-Code.

But it is a very naive implementation,
with every falling domino it gets slower and slower,
and it only works from left to right.

Have fun,


p.s. I published it from a "normal" image, is that
why my IExplorer 5.2 does not load the project in
OS-X 10.2.6 ? (I get an empty project)

p.p.s. Is the plugin for Safari 1.0 working?

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