[Squeakland] [ANN] Redesigned Squeakland site

Brian Brown brian at teuton.org
Fri Jun 27 14:39:08 PDT 2003

Quoting Michael Rueger <m.rueger at acm.org>:

> Dear Squeaklanders,
> Hope your summer is off to a great start!
> We've got news for you:  We've redesigned the Squeakland website and we 
> encourage you to visit!  We hope you'll agree it's 'richer and deeper' 
> and has grown as has our community.
> It's been reviewed by some "eyeballs" but we'd love you to check it out, 
> and send us your comments. Please help us "pound on it" and report any 
> problems you may encounter.

Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Great Job!

Can't wait to show it to the educators that I've been working with!


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