[Squeakland] squeakland.org redesign

Dave Bauer dave at thedesignexperience.org
Mon Jun 30 08:08:07 PDT 2003

Sorry, I originally pushed the wrong button and replied directly to

Here is my original message.

Let me repeat, I _really_ appreciate everything the is happening in the
squeak community. I am very excited about the things that are happening
at squeakland.org


For me, it was much slower to load the home page, on a 1.5mb connection.

I find the background very busy, and the popup menus surprising. I am
glad I can navigate the sections without the popup menus.

Overall the navagational elemetns are too prominent and detract from the
main content.

I recenelt started looking at squeak. I wouldn't leave because of the
design, but I really would think a simpler design would get your point
across better.

Sorry to be so critical. I haven't analyzed it for accessibility, but it
doesn't look like any consideration has been taken.

I would be pleased to take some time to offer some advice on how to
clear it up. I will try to do that this weekend and send some useful

There are quite a few nice design touches that can be accomplished with
CSS that can slim down a page, and keep it looking interesting.

Again, I really appreciate everything the squeak community offers, and
my critical review is because I want to make sure it succeeds.

Dave Bauer
dave at thedesignexperience.org

Dave Bauer
dave at thedesignexperience.org

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