[Squeakland] New updates available on Squeakland website

Kim Rose kim.rose at squeakland.org
Thu Dec 2 15:47:54 PST 2004

Dear Squeaklanders,

Greetings.  We want to advise that we've just added a few updates 
(fixes) to the Squeakland website. So,  in order to be running the 
latest/greatest version,  you'll need to visit the website and fetch 
these changes.  If you've never done this before, mouse over the 
"Download Squeak" circle found on the center of the homepage and 
click "Get Squeak Updates!".   Updates will be automatically loaded 
and then saved on that computer.  Or, if you want to do it straight 
from here, just click on this link:

The majority of these updates are relative to the font changes we 
made this summer to ensure the use of non-proprietary fonts in the 
system.  As you have been loading older projects into this newer 
version,  a few problems have been discovered as the font conversion 
takes place.  The fixes should help make this conversion cleaner. 
Please note, the fix we've put out now is temporary, until  a more 
complete and clean "fix" that we are still working on and hope to 
have completed in a week or so is issued.   But as we don't want 
people to wait or continue to have problems, we came up with a 
short-term fix in the meantime.

After running the updates when you load a project created in a 
previous version of Squeak, you may now see a yellow  "font-fix" 
message box indicating the fonts are being converted in the project 
you are loading.  We ask your patience while this takes place.  After 
the project is loaded, the best thing to do is to re-publish it, 
probably using a new name.  This way, the next time you load the 
project, it will not have to go through the font conversion process.

Here are a couple things we are aware and again, working on fixing:
If your project happens to have a set of "Stop, Step, and Go" buttons 
showing, after the project is loaded, you may see that the tan 
"dismiss" button now is now labeled with an  "x" instead of an "o" 
and the blue button is now marked with  "1/2" or " 1/4" instead of 
just being a little blue button (used to expand to show all scripts). 
To correct this, simply dismiss the set of buttons and get another 
from the Supplies Flap.

Similarly, you may find a book morph marked with some funny menu 
characters.  To correct this simply click on the "more" or "less" <> 
marked at the upper right of the book morph's menu characters. 
Toggling this back and forth should set the character set right.

We thank you for bearing with us as we go through the process of 
changing font sets and also making the system compatible for use with 
a variety of character sets for use in many languages.  This is 
tricky and is requiring some meticulous testing and work on behalf of 
a few people.

*Please* let us know if you encounter any other problems or oddities! 
We don't know if it is not reported.  It's also likely we'll discover 
other issues not yet identified.

We thank you all and hope things are going well for you both in and 
out of Squeakland!

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