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Alan Kay alan.kay at squeakland.org
Tue Dec 7 06:13:29 PST 2004

Hi Randy --

Try first with circles and changing the angle and then the distance. Note 
that the smaller the angle, the large the circle (the smaller the curvature 
of the circle). The longer the distance traveled the larger the circle. You 
will probably want to use the little menu in front of the property 
"heading" to give it more decimal places. Make variables to hold the 
changing quantities. Try:

forward by 5
turn by angle
angle decrease by 0.1

and see what happens.

This is a constant decrease of the angle.


forward by distance
turn by 5
distance increase by 2

and see what happens. This is a constant increase distance.

Try accelleration in each of these examples and see what happens.

Then try a scheme in which the angle and the distance are both changed in 
the same script.

This should provide some insight about spirals.



forward by 5
At 11:57 AM 12/6/2004, Randy Heiland wrote:
>How might one create a script to draw a spiral?  I mistakenly thought that
>if I did something like:
>Fwd by 5
>Turn by <obj> headingTheta + 2
>that I might accomplish it.  However, it seems that the headingTheta is not
>dynamically updated in this script, i.e. the heading never changes.
>Thanks, Randy
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