[Squeakland] spiral

Phil Firsenbaum tacmanphil at mac.com
Thu Dec 9 19:54:41 PST 2004

If you looked at the script, I have a test which looks to see when 
Birdie's y coordinate is < 100. When it is the script is paused and the 
drawing of the spiral stops.
In the running of the project Birdie begins in the center of the screen 
where its y coordinate is 390. As it moves out from the center y gets 
larger when it moves towards the top of the screen and smaller when it 
moves towards the bottom. I arbitrarily chose to look at the value of y 
when it's approaching the bottom of the screen.

Of course, there are other approaches one could take to stop the 


On Dec 9, 2004, at 6:06 PM, Shashank Date wrote:

> Hello,
> Phil Firsenbaum wrote:
>> Randy,
>> I was playing with polygons and spirals last year and created the 
>> attached scripts. They use a variable (size1) for the length of the 
>> sides and I start Birdie in the center of the screen.
> Is there a way to limit the loops of the spiral to some finite number,
> in eToys?
> Something like "repeat 10 times" (as in Logo)?
> Thanks,
> -- Shashank

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