[Squeakland] Sending attachments

Michael Rueger michael at squeakland.org
Mon Dec 13 18:14:01 PST 2004

Dear Squeaklanders,

we finally fixed the problem with sending attachments. It turned out to 
be an overly aggressive attachment content type filter.
We turned off the filtering but still have the following safe 
guards/limitations in place:

- every message is placed in moderation mode, you probably have noticed 
the delays when sending a message. The reason we are manually checking 
every message is that virus mails have in the past used members ' mail 

- attachments are limited to 200 KB size. Some of the members of this 
mailing list are on dial up lines and the size limit is a safe guard 
against sending megabytes as attachments. I can still approve larger 
attachments in moderation mode though.

Apologies for the confusion the attachment problem caused!
Yet another side effect of having to fight of virus mails and other 
annoyances of today's internet.


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