Script control (was Re: [Squeakland] spiral)

Shashank Date sdate at
Tue Dec 14 00:24:50 PST 2004

Alan Kay wrote:

> At 04:18 PM 12/13/2004, Shashank Date wrote:
>> I keep forgetting about the execute once (!) option.  Is there any way
>> to NOT have the clock icon on the script?
> Why?

Ummm ... only to emphasize that this script is limited to single 
execution. Not a biggy, though, since you can
always pause the clock.

>> Alternatively, is there a more elegant solution to "stop script"
>> regardless of which icons we click on (clock on the !)?
> Why? (I don't understand your question here. Why would you want a 
> clock on the (!)?

Oops, a typo .. I meant to say clock OR the (!). Sorry for the confusion.

> It will only run the script once and then stops by itself.
> You can stop any script with the "stop script" command in "scripting". 
> You can stop any ticking script by hand by clicking on the clock that 
> is visibly showing ticking. You can do the same in a viewer. You can 
> stop/start all scripts that are ticking by using the  stop/go buttons 
> (and these will also show you all the scripts in the environment, etc.).

Yes, we have used all these mechanisms, at some point or the other. The 
one thing we were looking for is to make a script pause for a specific 
number of ticks ... but did not succeed. I think, some kids were able to 
simulate that by introducing script variables.

Any ideas?

Thank you for being so patient.
-- Shashank

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