[Squeakland] Japan may be "far away" but you never know!

Mankovsky, Sheine Sheine.Mankovsky at tdsb.on.ca
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Will Seymour's talk be webcast?  Publication on the web after?  Do you know
what is being considered?  Regrettably I can't consider physically
attending.  Best,  Sheine

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Greetings, Squeaklanders -

I want to let you know about an upcoming Conference in Kyoto, Japan 
which may be of interest.
Although "C5" (The Third International Conference on Creating, 
Connecting and Collaborating through Computing) may be fairly 
technical, and not necessarily geared to a K-12 learning community, 
on January 30th there will be a special morning including a keynote 
lecture by Seymour Papert which I am sure would be of interest.

Here are the details on that:

And here is the "Call for Participation" for the Conference held Jan 
28 and 29th, at Kyoto University:


and the official conference site:

Please pass to any family, friends, colleagues you think may be 
interested.    Perhaps we'll have the opportunity to meet in Kyoto!

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