[Squeakland] Japan may be "far away" but you never know!

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Webcasting is a great idea -- We'll look into it and post info when 
we know more....
thanks for the suggestion,

At 8:02 AM -0500 12/14/04, Mankovsky, Sheine wrote:
>Will Seymour's talk be webcast?  Publication on the web after?  Do you know
>what is being considered?  Regrettably I can't consider physically
>attending.  Best,  Sheine
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>Greetings, Squeaklanders -
>I want to let you know about an upcoming Conference in Kyoto, Japan
>which may be of interest.
>Although "C5" (The Third International Conference on Creating,
>Connecting and Collaborating through Computing) may be fairly
>technical, and not necessarily geared to a K-12 learning community,
>on January 30th there will be a special morning including a keynote
>lecture by Seymour Papert which I am sure would be of interest.
>Here are the details on that:
>And here is the "Call for Participation" for the Conference held Jan
>28 and 29th, at Kyoto University:
>and the official conference site:
>Please pass to any family, friends, colleagues you think may be
>interested.    Perhaps we'll have the opportunity to meet in Kyoto!
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