[Squeakland] Squeak, Education and RPG (Role Playing Game)

Samir Saidani saidani at info.unicaen.fr
Tue Dec 14 20:34:46 PST 2004


Very interesting project José, we thought about a similar idea in the
educative squeak workgroup in France, and are interested to
participate in this project. In fact, the project we have is to design
an educative framework to build a role playing game in Squeak. More
precisely, there would be several levels in this framework, and the
first one meets the idea of a "story teller" : using a bookmorph,
EToys and character-specific widget. A second level would use
MorphingWrappers to interact easily with the scene, like taking or
dropping objects. A third level would propose a classes framework
giving an easy way for youngs to build an entire RPG, by including
music, sounds, images and online playing (between several Squeak
images). This is a rather ambitious project, but we have successfully
tested this kind of projets in classrooms (in Squeak - 18-19 years
old) and holiday camps (QBasic and LOGO - 9-10 years old). So maybe
could we join our forces to build such a framework ? And we are
looking for some codes to start this framework, I took a look on Sims
from Brian Rice and CastleMicroSloth from Adam Shackleford (in VW),
does somebody know others RPG in smalltalk ?


>José "L. Redrejo" Rodríguez <jredrejo at edu.juntaextremadura.net>

> Maybe we could work together. I have begun a project in Spain, with
> three teachers else, trying to make a "story teller" inside of Squeak.
> The target is foreign language teaching. The idea is based on how much
> teenagers like to tell story and use their imagination. Working together
> with some english teacher we thought of making a tool with these parts:
> - First part: The teacher choose a famous english tale or book (in our
> case, english is the foreign language) . For example, Robinson Crusoe,
> and extract some gramatical structures and vocabulary. He shows the
> vocabulary to the children using intelligence bits , and give the
> structures to the students.  
> - Second part: the students make an animated tale with those structures
> and vocabulary, but telling the story in their own way.    
> My idea is: prepare a "special" squeak image with the intelligence bits
> tool, a character generator and an "easy to use" story generator
> (similar to http://www.dollysoft.com/, but only using an etoy interface,
> not writing the script).   This last part is obviously very similar to
> the one you want to do. But I have imposed myself one limitation:
> generated stories must be a squeak project totally squeakland
> compatible. So, I want to prepare those "agents" and an etoys interface
> to use them, but, once the project is ended, it will be published in our
> swiki server and should be able to run into a web browser with the
> squeakland plugin.  
> The project has to be ended before November 2005. I have got some
> economical funds from the educational authorities, and that is my
> deadline to give our work.  I would like to know your opinion about the
> idea, and if you think we could collaborate some way. This explanation
> has been quite rude, the whole project is detailed in 4 o 5 pages. If
> you want more details, please ask me.
> Regards.

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